What is the Flirtinator?

In everyday life its important to take a moment to keep the romance kindled. How can a husband and a wife keep the romance alive? The Flirtinator can help answer that question. There are 2 types of responses from the Flirtinator: Thinking of You and Do It Yourself

Thinking of You

An excellent way to encourage romance is to let the love of your life know you are thinking of them even when they are not present. The responses tagged withFerociousFlirtingTOY are short messages that can be sent to your sweetheart by various means including:

  1. E-Mail
  2. TXT
  3. Tweet
  4. Facebook
  5. Google+

Do It Yourself

Keeping the flames of romance stoked in a long-term realtionship is a hands-on do-it-yourself activity. Responses tagged with FerociousFlirtingDIY are "calls to action". They are usually simple ideas that can be put into action with little or no cost. Some ideas include: